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The Hilltops Wine Region is situated in Southern NSW on the South West Slopes of the Great Dividing Range around the towns of Boorowa, Harden and Young. The climate of cold clear winters and warm dry summers, combined with the rich Terra Rossa soils of the region make Hilltops a recognised producer of distinctive wines. Consequently it has attracted the attention of leading winemakers from other regions.

Croatian immigrants planted the first vines in this region in the 1860’s. These vines were planted especially for refreshments for the diggers working in the near-by gold fields. However, the more recent vineyards contributing to today’s viticulture industry were established from the 1970’s.

This region has a continental climate, with cool winters and rain falling predominantly in the winter, autumn and spring months. The summer’s hot dry days but cool nights provide ideal ripening conditions, distinguishing the Hilltops from many other renowned viticultural regions in Australia.

Vineyards are found at altitudes of 450m to 600m above sea level, contributing to the high diurnal temperature range. The rich terra rossa soils of the region are another important factor enhancing the quality of the Hilltops wines.