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29 Sep


First Ever Hilltops Wine Show celebrates exciting results

29/09/2016 | By |

The inaugural Hilltops Wine Show was concluded on Saturday 24th September at the Town Hall in Young, NSW, where a large number of locals, winemakers, vignerons and wine industry leaders were witness to the exciting results. Arguably the most excited were Jason and Alesia Brown when it was announced that their Moppity Vineyards 2015 Estate Shiraz was awarded the title of Wine of Show and had won the Peter Robertson Trophy for the ‘Hilltops Wine of the Year’*.

In all, 69 wines were entered into the first ever Hilltops Wine Show, divided into 11 different classes. The Shiraz class, which supplied the main winner, also attracted the most entrants – 30 in total – and was hotly contested, with the judges describing it as “a very strong class with an impressive 80% medal strike rate”.

The Cabernet Sauvignon class was also very solid, being described by the judges as “a highlight of the Hilltops Wine Show” and produced the show’s top runner-up, the McWilliam’s Wines 2014 Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, that took home the Trophy for Best Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hilltops Vineyards Association President, Peter Creyke said, “It seems fitting that in the Hilltops Wine Show’s first year the top awards went to a Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon as these reds have historically excelled in the granite based soils of the Hilltops region and done well in other wine shows in the past. It is great to now be able to recognise, promote and celebrate them in our own show.”

Three other awards were presented at the weekend. Freeman Vineyards won the award for the Best White Wine category, Grove Estate won the Best Italian Varietal Wine category and Moppity Vineyards won the Best Other Red/Mature Red category. These latter two categories were claimed by a Nebbiolo and Tempranillo respectively. Two varietals that the judges said “created plenty of excited discussion” and are varietals to look out for in the Hilltops in the future.

Peter Creyke commented, “We are really excited by the success of this inaugural Wine Show and grateful to the Riverina Winemakers Association for their support in our first year and conducting the judging in conjunction with the Riverina Wine Show.

Whilst most of the wines entered were from local Hilltops wine producers, we were also delighted to receive entries from 9 wineries outside the region, who purchase our grapes to make a Hilltops wine. We hope to see many more participate in the years to come.

We are still an emerging wine region but both the quality and variety of wines from the Hilltops region continue to grow. This diversity was on show at the Public Tasting we hosted at the weekend. Patrons were not only impressed by the wines available but delighted with the quality presentation, fabulous food and enjoyable music.”


*The Peter Robertson Trophy was named to honour the memory of Peter who pioneered viticulture in the Hilltops area when he planted his first vines at Barwang in 1969.

The Hilltops wine region (GI) surrounds the towns of Boorowa, Harden and Young NSW. See for further information.


Alex Burgener Palate PR E: P: 0404 900 961

Stuart McGrath-Kerr Riverina Winemakers Association P: 02 6964 3504

Peter Creyke Hilltops Vineyards Association P: 0418 446 778



02 Feb


Hilltops Vineyard Association Supports the amalgamation of councils

02/02/2016 | By |

The Hilltops Vineyard Association (Hilltops Inc.) has expressed support for the proposed amalgamation of the three Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Boorowa, Harden and Young to form a single combined Council.

Hilltops Inc. is the grape and wine producers Association for the official Geographical Indications (GI) wine region of “Hilltops”. The Hilltops GI effectively incorporates all three of the existing LGAs of Boorowa, Harden and Young.

The name “Hilltops” has been in use since 1983 and was officially recognised as a GI in February 1998. The Hilltops GI recognises the regional commonality of geology, altitude and climate including soils, rainfall, temperature, chill hours, degree days, and evaporation rates. Hilltops Inc. has a distinctive logo, a registered trademark and its own website.

Hilltops Inc, local primary producers and representatives of all three LGAs were instrumental in establishing a broader Hilltops group (Hilltops Harvest NSW) to promote and develop the quality primary produce of the Hilltops region, together with the businesses producing or dependent upon them. This included the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors of the Hilltops region.

This broader regional initiative (Hilltops Harvest) was established in 2011 and has been able to utilise the Hilltops logo, trademark and website to help promote economic development within the three Shires of Boorowa, Harden and Young. Hilltops Inc. is keen to see the momentum generated in recent years continue. We believe this can best be achieved under a united ‘Hilltops’ Council which would enable greater cohesion and effectiveness in service delivery, regional promotion and economic development.

For further information please contact the President of Hilltops Inc: Peter Creyke – 0418 446 778

06 Jan


Hilltops Supports the NSW Government three council merger proposal

06/01/2016 | By |

Hilltops Harvest NSW Inc as a collective group of tourism, food and wine producers welcomes and supports the NSW Government amalgamation proposal of Boorowa, Harden and Young Shires into one local Government area.

President Kerrie Provan, owner of Harden-Murrumburrah business “The Pastor’s Pleasures”, said Hilltops Harvest NSW Inc itself was formed in 2011 to promote Food and Wine Tourism for the region. It represents a continuation of community and local government collaboration. Hilltops commenced in 1998 when the Wine and Brandy Corporation registered the GIC Indicators for Boorowa, Harden and Young as a cool climate wine region.

An offshoot, Hilltops Flavours of the Harvest, was then formed to promote food and wine tourism and their first official event was held in February 1999 in Harden Shire. Stakeholder interest and collaboration across the Shires has remained steady throughout the years but nothing formal has been in place until the 2011 establishment of Hilltops Harvest NSW Inc.

Its activities have been guided by the shared will of regional primary producers, value adding businesses and tourism operators who have all recognised the enormous benefits of working together for a common goal under the one banner.

This has been a very natural fit as each of the local government areas is similar. There is an established and accepted flow of commerce and social interaction between the communities.

Hilltops Harvest NSW Inc welcomes the amalgamation proposal as this will consolidate the work that has already been undertaken and ensure that the Hilltops Region will continue to prosper under the new Council.

14 Sep


Quality Hilltops Region Meat Producers

14/09/2015 | By |

As well as Cherries and stone fruit, the Hilltops Region around Young is well known for high quality Beef, Pork and Lamb. Much of it ends up on dining tables in Sydney and Canberra. Two companies in the vanguard are 1888 Certified and Box Gum Grazing. Both businesses are built on the foundations of traceability, sustainability and education. This means selling some of the best meat you can buy.

10 Aug


Irish Woolfest Boorowa

10/08/2015 | By |

Boorowa Irish WoolfestEveryone’s heard of the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona but much closer to home in Boorowa, New South Wales you can enjoy the spectacle of the “Running of the Sheep”.

Beautiful woolly Merino sheep are shepherded down the road by Farmer Ashley on his four wheel motorbike and his trusty Kelpies who leap on and off the motorbikes and on and off the sheeps back. A magical free country Festival with a myriad of activities including wool and Irish, children’s fun, and a fine Boutique Market displaying Food, Wine and quality crafts.


For more information click here